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What is Generic Top Level Domain or gTLD: Everything You Need to Know about It


Read this article and learn everything you need to know about gTLDs or generic top level domains including a list of the new generic top-level domain names!

What is gTLDs or Generic Top Level Domain Names

A lot of people are wondering what is gTLDs exactly? GTLDs stands for Generic top level domain names and they are domain extensions that are alternatives to the common domain extensions such as .com, .uk, and other domain extensions.
What you should know about these extensions is they vary from practical extensions such as .tech or .web to location based domains such as .wales or .london and even silly extensions such as .xyz or .ninja.
There are also domain extensions that are restricted to entities or people that fulfill certain criteria. For example, .bank.

You can apply to operate and use these generic top level domain names as other businesses and individuals have applied to ICANN (this is a special organization which manages domains). The new gTLD applicants are allowed to set their own restrictions and criteria for being able to register domain names in their new generic top level domain space.
ICANN has approved several companies to register domains for businesses and individuals. The organization has not yet authorized anyone to pre-register domains in any of the new generic top level domains and those attempting to do so, are at their own risk.

Why ICANN Are Releasing New gTLDs?

As you know, the internet is an enormous place. However, finding an available and relevant domain name can be pretty challenging. ICANN really hopes to increase the availability of the domain names and change the way people discover information online by discharging hundreds of new domain name extensions.
The new domain name extensions will give you the ability to come up with a relevant domain that better describes your business, brand, website, organization, group, the products or the services you are selling. Registering a generic top level domain that represents your market is a great way to maximize your customer’s trust and differentiate you from the other websites.
The new gTLDs have been coming since 2014, with hundreds available for registration, and today, there are even more. So, why not go through the list of gTLDs available and find one that suits you just perfectly.

The List of New Domain Name Extensions Available
Here is a list of the new domain name extensions available. Please note that we aren’t going to list all domain extensions but only the most popular ones:

  • .adult
  • .auto
  • .camera
  • .dental
  • .flights
  • .hiphop
  • .apartments
  • .bingo
  • casino
  • .engineer
  • .glass
  • .associates.
  • .baby
  • .cologne
  • .estate
  • .group
  • .marketing
  • .network.
  • .pizza
  • .rodeo
  • .shoes
  • .wedding
  • .world

You can find the complete list online and choose the domain name extension that suits your business the most. When it comes to registration of these new domain names extensions, you can get in touch with the most popular domain name registrars. GoDaddy is one of those registrars. The registration phase has a specific date for acceptance, as well as, processing. The pre-registration lets you submit a registration request ahead of this date. GoDaddy collects these requests and holds them until it is time to submit. If you want, you can get in touch with other domain name registrars such as Namecheap, Name, Gandi, and others. Regardless of the domain name registrar, you are going to select it is important to find and purchase the right name. After all, the domain name is going to represent your online business and brand and you surely want to be as unique and special as possible.