5 Critical Aspects You Must Look at Upfront Before Buying Expired Domains

Each day, numerous domain names expire. A domain may expire due to the following reasons: The owner fails to renew the domain completely, the owner went out of business, or they thought they no longer needed the domain. Expired domains are usually auctioned off on the market. A business owner can benefit a lot from buying expired domains since they still have numerous backlinks, traffic, and might be ranking higher on Google. However, keep in mind the following before buying expired domain names

  • Ascertain the age of expired domains

The key parameters for choosing expired domains are good stats and good will. Older domain names tend to have those characteristics, which is why search engines attach high value on old domains. You can use online tools like Domain Age Tool and Domain Age Checker to check the age of expired domain names. The age is the year the domain was first registered. It’s beneficial to buy expired domains that have been around for at least 3 years.

  • Check backlinks for your expired domain

Backlinks are powerful techniques to propel your hosting website to the top of Google ranking. In fact, backlink is one of the factors Google uses to rank sites. An expired domain name with genuine backlinks can benefit your website a lot. Just ensure the owner of the expired domain didn’t use black hat techniques to generate backlinks.

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  • Ascertain that the expired domain you intend to buy is not banned by Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a program initiated by Google to enable publishers to earn money from their websites or blogs. If you’re looking to monetize your blog or website using Google Adsense, suffice to ascertain that the expired domain isn’t banned by Google Adsense. You can utilize tools like Adsense Banned Check and Adsense SANDBOX to determine whether or not the expired domain name is banned by Google Adsense.

  • Domain Authority – Compare your expired domain options using Domain Authority Checkers

Always make a point to check how your website is going to perform in SERPs. You can achieve this by using domain authority checkers like SEO Review Tools, Small SEO Tools, and Robin Gupta.

  • Page Authority – Check how your hosting website home page is going to perform in SERPs

Page Authority has a lot in common with Domain Authority; it’s just that it’s specific to your hosting website’s home page.

  • Check the expired domain for Google ban

Google bans sites that use black hat techniques to get higher rankings or those that have low trust levels. You can utilize tools like Search Engine Genie and SEO Mastering to check whether your chosen expired domain name is banned by Google.

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