5 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name for Your Hosting Website

Like your name, a domain name reflects your personal brand. This means it should have all the characteristics that befit an effective domain name. So when choosing a domain name, it’s vital to take quality time to select one that reflects your brand. In this article, I’ll walk you through the critical factors when choosing a domain name.

  • Ensure your chosen domain name for your hosting website is relevant to your brand

Your chosen domain name should be relevant to the theme of your hosting website. For instance, if your site’s theme is health and your domain name reads like coolswimmimg.com, it’s not going to reflect well on your brand. People searching with the coolswimming keyword are going to expect everything to do with swimming. An irrelevant domain name could lead to higher bounce rate for your site. Always choose a domain name that resonates with your brand or site.

  • Your hosting website’s domain name should be short, eye-catching, easy to spell, pronounce and memorize

Your aim of starting a website is to attract visitors and motivate them to keep coming back. A complex, hard to spell, pronounce and memorize domain name will make it harder for your customers to find your site again. Reason: They may type in your domain name incorrectly and get directed to other sites. You’re likely to lose many customers if your domain name isn’t right. Also, stay away from numbers and hyphens, as they contribute to poor recall value of your domain name.

  • Incorporate keywords in your domain name before performing domain search availability

Keywords are critical for your site’s SEO efforts. Keyword rich domain name helps your site rank higher on Google. A higher rank will attract more organic traffic to your site. When you choose expensive or cheap domains, ensure to include keywords to boost your site’s ranking.

  • Choose the right domain name extension for your hosting website

There are plenty of domain name extensions right now. However, the .com domain name is still predominant. The majority of commercial searchers typically type out .com at the end of their domain name. Your site will benefit a lot by choosing the .com domain name.

  • Take advantage of the new generation name domains (brandable domain name)

While a brandable domain name such as burgerking.com may not contain a keyword for SEO purposes, it offers something catchy and unique that can identify directly with your business. Brandable domain names are increasingly becoming popular these days, and they are projected to dominate the business world in the near future.

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