Top 5 Most Powerful Expired Domain Name Generation Tools

Expired domains are powerful resources to have in your SEO arsenal. They have great backlink profiles and existing targeted online traffic already. Expired domains can help you create potent hosting websites to overtake competitors effortlessly and fast. The big question is: How can you find great expired domains on the internet. Here are 5 powerful tools you can leverage:

  • Expired Domain Names Pro – A resourceful tool for generating domains and performing expired domain search availability

This is the cream of expired domain name finder tools. Expired Domain Names pro helps you find traffic-laden, backlink-rich expired domains by rapidly collecting top-level expired domain names from Google and Yahoo. It then alerts you when it finds your match. This means you can continue surfing the internet as the tool searches and delivers your preferred expired domain name. What makes Expired Domain Names Pro a deal breaker is that it appraises the list of expired domains to enable you to choose the most valuable.

  • DomCop expired domains finder

DomCop is another awesome tool to generate powerful expired domains. What sets it apart from other expired domain finder tools is that it offers reasonable cost plans and services. It utilizes various metrics such as Moz DA, Majestic TF, PageRank, CF, Estibot Metrics and PA to filter out authoritative domain names. DomCop’s database contains over 20 million domain names. You can start out with a free version and upgrade if you want a more refined search.

  • Domain Name Hunter Gatherer – An incredible expired domain name generator tool

When we talk about a professional tool to search out expired domains, Domain Name Hunter Gatherer comes on top of the list. It’s known for listing top-quality expired domains with high backlinks and targeted traffic. Once you enter your keyword, Domain Name Hunter Gatherer crawls the best expired domain auctioning websites and presents you a comprehensive list, which you can choose from.

  • Register Compass – A tool to help you find expired domains in under a minute

Register Compass has a database of over 6 million domain names. When you choose Register Compass, expect to get metrics such as SEMRush Metrics, Moz Domain and page Authority, Alexa Rank, Moz rank and google page rank, MajesticSEo trust flow, Extensions supported are 24 and DMOZ listing. Try out this tool today and experience its awesomeness.

  • PBN Lab – An expired domain name generator suitable for SEO agencies

This tool scours the internet to bring you highly targeted traffic and backlink-rich expired domains. However, it’s fast but not instant. It’s relatively costly, but worth trying out if you’re looking for truly superior expired domains.

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